St. Stephen Feast Day

The Feast of Saint Stephen ~ December 26th
Patron Saint of Stone Masons

consecration of St. Stephen

The feast of Saint Stephen, St. Stephen’s Day, is December 26th in Western Christianity. It is a public holiday in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Republika Srpska, England and Wales, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

St. Stephen’s Day is a bank holiday in Spain and in Catalonia it is known as Sant Esteve. In France, Saint Stephen’s Day is called Saint Étienne and it is a bank holiday in the Alsace-Moselle region.

In Ligao City, Philippines, feast of St. Stephen Protomartyr is the patron saint and a fiesta is celebrated in his honor on December 26th.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches, which follow the Byzantine Rite, the feast of Stephen is celebrated on December 27th. It is also called the Third Day of the Nativity. August 3 is another feast day kept by Traditionalist Catholics in the Western Church. The Invention of the Relics of St. Stephen commemorates the finding of his relics during the reign of Emperor Honorius. The term “Invention” derives from the Latin “inventio,” meaning “finding.”

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Translation of the Relics of Protomartyr Stephen is celebrated on August 2nd. This feast celebrates the discovery of Stephen’s relics in 415. After the discovery, St. Stephen’s relics were solemnly transferred to a church built in his honor in Jerusalem. The relics were later transferred to Constantinople during the reign of Emperor Theodosius the Younger (408 – 450).

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